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Welcome to CargoMaster. CargoMaster is renowned for delivering innovative domestic air freight solutions to clients all around Australia, CargoMaster’s domestic air freight operations include Same Day Air Freight, Overnight Air Freight, Project Air Cargo,Priority Domestic Air Cargo and Domestic Air Freight Charter services. CargoMaster offers an independent network and 35 years experience organizing the urgent uplift of all types of domestic air freight including, machinery, spare parts, shop fittings, tiles,  staging equipment for major events, including conferences, pallets, crates, and tons of biscuits, the list is endless!i CargoMaster utilizes an extensive on ground fleet of over 100 vehicles based in Melbourne with 24/7 operations CargoMaster offers DOOR TO DOOR or AIRPORT TO AIRPORT  services.

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Overnight Air Freight Melbourne: A Comprehensive Guide

If you need to send a package urgently from Melbourne, Australia, overnight air freight is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to get it there quickly. Air freight companies provide a premium service and ensure that your package arrives safe and sound at its destination within 24 hours. In this article, we explore all aspects of overnight air freight in Melbourne, including the services offered by companies in this market, pricing and quality assurance procedures.

To start with, the main advantage of sending packages via air freight is speed. Most carriers guarantee that your items will arrive at their destination within 24 hours or less. The turnaround time also depends on the size and weight of your package as well as the distance it needs to travel. However, if your package needs to reach its destination quickly and reliably, then air freight is an ideal choice.

Another benefit of using air freight services is that items can be tracked throughout the entire process. Companies such as DHL provide detailed tracking information online so you can keep an eye on your shipment’s progress until it reaches its destination safely. In addition, many carriers offer insurance coverage for lost or damaged items which might be worth considering depending on what you are shipping.

When it comes to choosing an airline for overnight delivery in Melbourne, one of the most important considerations is price. Prices vary from company to company but generally range from $10 per kilogram up to around $100 per kilogram for heavier packages. Some carriers may offer discounts for larger shipments so you should always get quotes from multiple providers before committing to any contract. It’s also worth checking whether additional fees or taxes apply to certain shipments as this can add significantly to the overall cost of your order.

Finally, when selecting a company for overnight air freight delivery in Melbourne make sure they are reliable and have good customer service policies in place – especially since things can sometimes go wrong with large-scale deliveries like these! Check reviews online and read up on their terms and conditions before signing anything off on paper – this way you can make sure everything goes smoothly during transit and that any potential issues are dealt with quickly by experienced personnel who know how best to handle them in each case scenario.

Overall then overnight air freight delivery in Melbourne provides an excellent option if you need something delivered urgently without compromising on quality or reliability – just make sure you do some research beforehand so you can find a reputable carrier with competitive prices who will deliver great results every single time!


Domestic Air Freight services in Australia commenced in early 1960’s. Wards Express was one of the very first Australian Domestic Air Freight Companies. Originally services were airport to airport however Wards Express began delivery services to door in the early 1970’s. In the early years  Wards Express was called Lennox Air Freight. The name was changed in the mid 1960’s to Wards Express. Wards was established by Sidney Spencer Ward, born in 1914 Sidney Ward was the youngest of four children. People inside the company at the time remember Sid Ward as “The Phantom” because he could turn up anywhere at anytime!. Wards Express grew to employ over 3000 staff and operated in Australia and PNG, wards had 18 aircraft (mostly Lear jets).

The other significant air freight operator in the mid 70’s was Ansett Air Freight, in those days Ansett air freight was owned by Ansett Airlines and Ansett airlines was 50/50% owned by Sir Peter Abeles TNT Corporation and Rupert Murdoch’s  News Corporation. Ansett Air Freight was by far the biggest carrier of domestic overnight air freight in Australia.

Things have changed a lot since the 1960’s especially since the introduction of the internet. Back in the 70’s air cargo consisted mostly of documentation moving between Australia’s capital cities.

Today in Australia over 480,000 tons of air freight is moved annually between Australia’s five major capital city airports, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. The largest domestic air freight port in TERMS OF DOMESTIC AIR CARGO is Melbourne, Melbourne is also Australia’s domestic air freight “HUB”. Melbourne handles around 140,000 tons of overnight air freight every year. Australia’s largest city Sydney is second after Melbourne, Sydney handles around 110,000 tons (2020). Nest is Brisbane Airport followed by Perth and then Adelaide. The big majority of Australia’s overnight domestic air freight is uplifted in the belly holds of passenger aircraft, 737, A320 and A330 aircraft . The remaining 15 percent is mostly handled by Freighter aircraft. Freighter services are also available to Tasmania and Darwin.

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