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Welcome to CargoMaster. CargoMaster is renowned for delivering innovative domestic INTERSTATE air freight solutions to clients all around Australia, CargoMaster’s domestic air freight operations include Same Day Air Freight, Overnight Air Freight, Project Air Cargo,Priority Domestic Air Cargo and Domestic Air Freight Charter services. CargoMaster offers an independent network and 35 years experience organizing the urgent uplift of all types of domestic air freight including, machinery, spare parts, shop fittings, tiles,  staging equipment for major events, including conferences, pallets, crates, and tons of biscuits, the list is endless!i CargoMaster utilizes an extensive on ground fleet of over 120 vehicles based in Sydney with 24/7 operations CargoMaster offers DOOR TO DOOR or AIRPORT TO AIRPORT  services.

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Overnight Air Freight Sydney, Australia: The Essential Guide

Sydney is one of the major cities in Australia and is a considered ahub for domestic air freight. Overnight air freight for businesses in Sydney has become increasingly popular as a cost-effective and reliable way to send packages within the country. This guide covers everything you need to know about overnight air freight from Sydney, including how it works, available services, delivery times, and more.

What is Overnight Air Freight?

Overnight air freight is the process of sending packages via air within 24 hours of when they are collected. This means that goods can be sent quickly across Australia without having to wait days or weeks for them to arrive by ground transportation. Overnight air freight services offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses that need their products delivered urgently.

Who  Offers Overnight Air Freight Services from Sydney?

CargoMaster offers door to door overnight air freight services from Sydney. These include services for large heavy air freight call CargoMaster for prices .

How Does Overnight Air Freight Work?

To use an overnight air freight service from Sydney you must first decide which airline you would like to use and contact them directly to arrange the shipment. Once booked, the package will need to be taken to the airport on time where it will be processed by the airline staff and loaded onto a plane ready for transport to its destination airport. Delivery times vary depending on which route is chosen but generally speaking most routes can deliver packages within 24 hours if they are booked in time with the right airline.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Overnight Air Freight?

There are many benefits associated with using an overnight air freight service from Sydney including:

– Speed – As mentioned above, goods can be delivered within 24 hours after being collected which ensures businesses have their products on time when needed

– Reliability – All airlines monitor their flights closely so packages can always be tracked throughout their journey meaning there is less risk of delays or lost parcels

– Cost – As well as being faster than ground transportation methods such as trucking or shipping containers, overnight air freight can also be cheaper than other transportation methods depending on the route chosen

What Are The Different Types Of Packages That Can Be Sent By Air?

Most commonly items such as food, clothing or furniture are transported by overnight air freight from Sydney however alost any type of goods can be shipped providing they meet certain requirements such as weight and size limitations set out by each airline carrier. Some examples include artworks, computers & technology equipment as well as hazardous goods such as chemicals or explosives (depending on what airline you choose).

What Are The Delivery Times For Different Destinations In Australia?

Delivery times vary depending on which route is chosen however some common destinations include Brisbane (1 day), Perth (2 days), Melbourne (1 day), Adelaide (2 days) and Darwin (3 days). All flights are monitored closely so customers are able to track their package throughout its entire journey ensuring greater reliability when transporting goods between locations.

How Should I Package My Goods For Transport By Air?

It’s important that all goods being transported by overnight air freight from Sydney are packaged appropriately in order to ensure safe transport during transit. Airlines require all packages must meet certain standards according IATA regulations when transporting hazardous materials otherwise they may not accept them for transport at all. If you’re unsure about how best package your goods you should speak with an expert packing company who specialises in preparing packages for transport by plane who will help advise you accordingly.

In Conclusion…

Overnight air freight from Sydney can provide businesses with a fast and reliable method of delivering goods across Australia without having to wait days or weeks for them arrive via ground transportation methods such as trucking or shipping containers. With so many airlines offering different services at various prices it’s important that businesses research their options before deciding which option best meets their needs however all flights are monitored closely throughout journey ensuring speedy deliveries no matter where they end up going in the country!


Domestic Air Freight services in Australia commenced in early 1960’s. Wards Express was one of the very first Australian Domestic Air Freight Companies. Originally services were airport to airport however Wards Express began delivery services to door in the early 1970’s. In the early years  Wards Express was called Lennox Air Freight. The name was changed in the mid 1960’s to Wards Express. Wards was established by Sidney Spencer Ward, born in 1914 Sidney Ward was the youngest of four children. People inside the company at the time remember Sid Ward as “The Phantom” because he could turn up anywhere at anytime!. Wards Express grew to employ over 3000 staff and operated in Australia and PNG, wards had 18 aircraft (mostly Lear jets).

The other significant air freight operator in the mid 70’s was Ansett Air Freight, in those days Ansett air freight was owned by Ansett Airlines and Ansett airlines was 50/50% owned by Sir Peter Abeles TNT Corporation and Rupert Murdoch’s  News Corporation. Ansett Air Freight was by far the biggest carrier of domestic overnight air freight in Australia.

Things have changed a lot since the 1960’s especially since the introduction of the internet. Back in the 70’s air cargo consisted mostly of documentation moving between Australia’s capital cities.

Today in Australia over 480,000 tons of air freight is moved annually between Australia’s five major capital city airports, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. The largest domestic air freight port in TERMS OF DOMESTIC AIR CARGO is Melbourne, Melbourne is also Australia’s domestic air freight “HUB”. Melbourne handles around 140,000 tons of overnight air freight every year. Australia’s largest city Sydney is second after Melbourne, Sydney handles around 110,000 tons (2020). Nest is Brisbane Airport followed by Perth and then Adelaide. The big majority of Australia’s overnight domestic air freight is uplifted in the belly holds of passenger aircraft, 737, A320 and A330 aircraft . The remaining 15 percent is mostly handled by Freighter aircraft. Freighter services are also available to Tasmania and Darwin.

overnight Air Freight Australia

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“The height of your air cargo is important. To be loaded onto domestic aircraft in Australia your air freight will need to be less than 1.6m high. If your air freight is over 1.6m call CargoMaster to see if they can find a way to uplift your over height air cargo”.




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